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    Does anyone have any feedback on the online courses offered? I searched google, and many of my favorite forums for old posts from those who have gone through the course material on the site, but couldn't find anyone who had personally gone through the programs offered.

    My desire is to ultimately persue a CISSP, and possibly get a Security+ before that. Having worked on entry level security projects over the past year or two, I realize that I need to fundamentally understand the mind of an attacker in order to best defend a network. Will this course help me?

    I have found I learn best by hands on experience. Since most network security work involves thinking on the fly, a course like this seems very practical. I have gotten my hands on and read and re-read as many tutorials as I can, but a lot of it just doesn't translate to real world situations.
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    Hi miracle,

    Sorry...can't comment on the site...but...

    This has some Security tutorials you might be interested in...

    AntiOnline - DNS/IP/HiJackThis/Security Tutorial Sites


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