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Thread: Now a micorosoft Earth

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    Now a micorosoft Earth

    OK, now looks like latest rage these days seems to be Earth in aerial form with microsoft joinning the badnwagon,
    it also has feature to locate you on base of wi-fi locater or IP address(less accurate), i dont have wi-fi so couldnt look into it, but using IP address locater was like using whois command on visual route or nettools, just that it is in map form.

    here is the link:

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    Interesting article yesterday on Slashdot about this. Apple Campus Missing from MSN Earth. Possibly intentional, and possibly not. Read some of the comments for interesting ideas.

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    i read that article.

    they were reasoning that microsoft used old maps-well, so does maps.google.com.

    I looked for my house on google and all I saw was an empty lot where my house should be.
    I have been living there for 5 years and I believe the house was 2 or 3 years old when i bought it.

    then again it could be because of my site earthmaps.kthln01.com
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    Take a look in NYC
    See them nice twin towers !!

    Now those are ancient (cheap) satelite images !!
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    Old News. This is just another (not even really improved or changed) interface to Microsoft's Teraserver which has been avaliable online for ages now. I probably first used it around 2002? Teraserver is MS's contribution to keeping public USGS Aerial Photos avaliable to the public, BTW.

    Either way nobody can afford to serve up the really high resolution stuff for free, even if it is paid for to be carried out by the public... But it is interesting to see everyone join this bandwagon...

    At least the URL to it is nicer now...

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