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Thread: How to find out OS or computer details

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    How to find out OS or computer details


    I'm writing a code using DOS batch and excel macro, that needs to behave differently on desktops and tablet PCs.
    When I use operating system property (Both it runs on Windows XP) it showed me win NT 5.x
    Is there anyway/command so that I can identify the machine.

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    Hello Darknite ,

    Is there any way you can persuade me that your question is honourable?

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    First of all, DOS Batch programming? Are you born in the previous century? That's antique stuff you're talking about! Oh, well... People still seem to call it that but basically, it's not really DOS that you're using here.

    I can't provide any examples here but I would advise you to look into WMI, or Windows Machine Instrumentation. This is part of the operating system and basically it is what you should use to get access to all kinds of system information. It will depend on some scripting, though. But with a call to CScript, that shouldn't be too difficult either.

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