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Thread: WiGLE WiFi Data to Google Earth Maps

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    WiGLE WiFi Data to Google Earth Maps

    WiGLE is an online database of Wireless Access Points (802.11A/B/G) that is contributed to by folks using Netstumbler, Kismet and other war driving tools. WiGLE has a web interface of its own as well as Java desktop client called JiGLE. There is also a Google Maps interface for the data made by Meblah, but rendering a map with DHTML can be slow. That's why I wrote a PHP script that can take the cached data from JiGLE (found in the \JiGLE\WiGLEnet\data directory after you do a query) and turn it into a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file that's easy to import into the Google Earth desktop application. With the generated KML file and Google Earth it's easy to view and parse the access point found by WiGLE users.

    Download the script and find out more information here:


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