object oriented databases(OODB) VS relational databases

well i was reading about databases, particulary about the types of Databases.
I am not a newbie to databases... so this is not the question of help me understand database types..

it is just that what i was reading was really some relatively old stuff (there is no date of doc.. but i trace it back to 1997-1998)

the guy was comparing the relational databases with the Object oriented ones...
well i felt that he was more for the relational databases.
maybe at that time OODBs where not that developped or sophisticated.. maybe they were new for the guy, he did not like the Object Oriented thing

but now, after a long time
what do u think of OODBs..anyone have experience with them?
what is their best use cases?what are they perfect for?
what is the market trend?
what would u choose for ur database, a relational one or Object oriented and why?

don't u think that now relational databases are also evolving by adding some of the aspects of objects to a relational database

and what are on ur opinion the disanvantages and adventages of each type?

YOu can also put any piece of info as long as u think it is necessary, important or useful

(umm.. that was a post with lot of question :P )