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Thread: Who gave the Most to IT community?

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    Who gave the Most to IT community?

    Hi guys.

    what party/who do you think gave the most to the computer/internet/IT technologies
    you can state in hardware and/or in software or just in general

    IBM,Microsoft,Open Source People(if u can specify would be great) and oh please don't turn it into another fight between M$ ppl and Open source ppl,SunMicrosystem,oracle,intel,IEEE,Google inc,www.some-community-site.com,X-labs,the US government ...

    donno there are lot of names, I just tried to remember the companies that were in the old days, but seems like can't get the names out of my head

    and why did u choose that company or party between everybody from the all time
    well u don't have only to pick up one(damn hard :P )... u can state some and tell what invention or the important stuff they did to make the topic more informative

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    Hi beee,

    That's just plum easy...Al Gore


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    Charles Babbage.


    I forgot the follow up portion as to why I chose him.

    Well without Mr. Babbage and his Analytical machine we wouldn't have modern computers. I'm not sure how someone can have more of an impact on an industry than that

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    Everyone did something, do you demand a history class? I wounder why!
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    Linus Torvalds, I would say, contributed more than any other single person. By the way, I base this on nothing factual

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    well it is not a history class at all :P as they don't have to be from the ice age companies

    just wanted to know ur opinions as this was something i was thinking about.

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    Bill Gates!

    Here's what he gave to the IT Community:

    1. Crappy OS
    2. Computer Insecurities
    3. Spyware
    4. Viruses
    5. A severe headache
    6. Internet Explorer :
    7. ....
    8. ....

    He sure has given a lot to not just the community but also to the world... wish there was someway to pay him back
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    - IBM, bring computing the companies (360 Series)
    - IBM & MS, bring computing to all users (PC platform)
    - Linus Torvalds, bringing a good "port" of unix do x86 platform
    - Xerox, bringing local network idea and a good implementation (but not used)
    - Novell, bringing the cheap networks servers
    and so on...
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    Dennis Ritchie (while) at bell labs for his contribution of the C programming language
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    The defense department...without DARPA none of this would be here.
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