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Thread: Terrorism

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    For anyone who has an interest in terrorism / terrorists activities around the world, visit the site


    It was mentioned on the first of a 3 part documentary from BBC "The New Al -Quada"

    This part related to how terrorists use the Internet
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    Hmm, nowhere for me to register as a terrorist
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    Thumbs down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted here by Drakain Zeil
    Hmm, nowhere for me to register as a terrorist

    Dude that is not even remotely funny, I think many members here are dealing with this issue in a very personal way.

    Far be it from me to call anyone out for poor taste in jokes, but this is just crap.

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    The media doesn't use the word terrorist anyway. It's "insurgent" or "bomber" or "suicide bomber" or 'failed suicide bomber".
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