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    Question Network transfer via FTP in bursts


    I'm running a Redhat 9 server on an AMD64 Thunderbird 1.1.GHz/256 MB RAM/40GB UDMA WD HDD/Realtek 8139 full duplex 10/100Mb/sec network card. The only service running on it is FTP (ProFTPD).

    My problem is that FTP traffic is made in "bursts" (see photo of Network graph monitor below)

    What should I change/tweak in hardware/configuration?


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    Your graph doesn't show what the time interval for that traffic was...between peaks...how much time are you talking about there? milliseconds? seconds? minutes? Could you have a graph that shows what the X-Y axis are ?

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    On X: some 3 seconds transfer, some 3 seconds pause.
    On Y: peaks are up to 1.2 MBytes/sec.

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