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Thread: kira communicator (beta)

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    kira communicator (beta)

    Hi i have a develop a "communicator" a weekend for my girlfriend.

    the name: Kira Communicator has implemented a central cryptography for message kernell, and a "around" cryptography determined for "over-anti-crack" the messaging...

    i don't have a time to perform a p2p code for "chat" interface

    i need help for implement my own "virtual smtp". Right now that's need a remote smtp.

    i congrats for your information or help for complete this software.

    Best Wishes

    PARSE Systems

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    mmm, so my english is bad i know, sorry

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    I'd look at what your talking about and try to gain a better understanding of what you need at the moment but all the links to it are down.

    AzRaEL [NuKE]

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    Ok ok, i need help for contruct my own virtual smtp server (for kira communicator) like a smtp protocol implementation.

    actual task for kira:

    kira->cryptography->compression->smtp socket->remote smtp-> send a private message..

    my wishes:

    kira->cryptography->conpression->smtp socket->virtual smtp-> send a private message...

    how you see, i need implement my own smtp protocol, but i don't have any idea where are information or any work for i init to develop it.

    Thanks for ask.

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