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Thread: Bison, not Bigfoot…

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    Bison, not Bigfoot…

    Bison, not Bigfoot…

    Got a chuckle out of this. All the time and money that goes into this and yet we haven't even found/caught one?
    EDMONTON - Perhaps he is still stomping around somewhere, but a DNA test has confirmed that it was not Bigfoot roaming the Yukon earlier this month — it was just a bison.

    Someone using some “Medicinal Herb” up there?

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    Ya i heard about that thought it was kind of funny my self. You are right Relyt all of the money and time that has gone in to this and we still havent found one our caught one. Its kind of wierd to me.You would think we would have at leats had some real evidence of a big foot by now.
    There is all way\'s one way to fix a computer. Our i think sow at least


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