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    Has anyone tried the new sensation of Bit Torrent.
    You can get the client for this here .

    It is a p2p client software that takes the concept of p2p to the next level. What it does is that if u want to download something you have to download a torrent file and it is basically a link to the other computers that either have this torrent file downloaded or are currently downloading it.

    While the file is getting downloaded it is also getting uploaded from the users computer to the other computers trying to download the same torrent. This cuts a lot of time in download as ypu are downloading from multiple hosts.

    Whats more exciting is that u can find the torrents of anything u ever desired for on the internet. Moreover its free. A large number of softwares, albums, movies, games etc.. are available.

    So happy downloading.

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    The client at the link given above works better than the client bit torrent from the official website of bit torrent. Please give it a shot and see the difference.
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    Hey Hey,

    It's not necessarily free... the jail time and monetary fine associated with pirating music, movies and software could be quite a bit more than it would have cost you to purchase the product in the first place.

    However BitTorrent does have several legit legal uses, such as new bands that share their music to make it more well known, and it's a popular method for spreading Linux Distros and large game updates/patches.

    Azureus is an ok client, definately exceeds the standard BT Client, as well as Shadow's BT client or whatever it's called now, however the best by far is BitComent... It blows Azureus out of the water.

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