I should problably introduce who I am and why I am here so here goes. Well to start I am 22 years old with a keen interest in almost anything to do with computers. I am always looking for ways to improve on what I already know and to learn new things to expand on my computer skills. If anyone has viewed my profile you might have noticed two things, a spelling error or two and that I have many interests that I havent gone into much detail.

My interest in computers stemed from my first computer, a very likely situation. I had been talking with a friend about programing and he recomended I try QBasic so I did and fell in love with programing. Since then I have experimented with several programing and scripting languages. I have also expanded by learning some GUI programing particulary Win32, yes windows. I also have an interest in linux and have experimented with difernt distros, after RedHat went comercial I switched to fedora for a while but keep going back to windows for the fact I also enjoy playing alot of games that I cannot get to work in linux.

I tend to change topics as often as I change projects, that is I have a tendancy to not finish what I start which is something I am trying to work on, To keep it simple Im a guy with many interests and spelling problems that makes me look unprofectional, I should problably learn to spell check some day.