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Thread: any body can help me to access this site

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    any body can help me to access this site

    hi colleagues

    i.m technician in tv .hi fi.video etc

    and i need service manuals for my work

    there is many sites for manufactures supported us with this manuals

    just write to the webmaster and he give us password and user name

    to access to the site (note this is only way no registration in this sites and it is free service)

    but in some sites the moderator not reply any mor

    he dont agree or disagree or reply at all !!!!!!!!!!!

    like this site https://www.samsungasc.com/cgi-bin/ascna/main/index.jsp

    and many colleagues tried with no way

    some ppl told me there is program can creat the User ID and Password

    is this real if it is i can buy it or any idea

    please i need u r help

    best regards

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    Hi repairer,

    If you need service manuals...
    i need service manuals for my work
    why do you need to get on this site so bad ?

    I'm sure you could google up all the repair manuals and tutorials you need without the hassle...makes no sense to me...sorry.


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