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Thread: IE7 Beta Breaks Instant Messaging Apps

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    IE7 Beta Breaks Instant Messaging Apps

    Not sure where this goes so...this is as good as any...

    Some Internet Explorer 7 testers who loaded the Beta 1 bits onto their systems have found a nasty surprise BetaNews has learned: their instant messaging software crashes.

    Trillian, a popular multi-network IM client, Gaim and IM2 all spit out error messages when loaded alongside IE7, and the only fix is to uninstall Microsoft's new browser.
    BetaNews | IE7 Beta Breaks Instant Messaging Apps

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    IE 7 IMO, looks terribly lame. I don't know what MS is trying to prove by making such a big hype about it. Here are some pics of IE 7. The only good thing is that they seem to have taken a lot of features from FF.

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