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Thread: Hacker Erased Spammerís Database

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    Hacker Erased Spammerís Database

    Well...now that's a good way to hack...if only all hacker's were that socially minded

    Hacker teaches spammer a lesson - fr33d0m.net :: IT Security uncensored

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    ja ja ja ja ja, good site, i don't have idea if this site "no-underground" can exist!! i only know for IRC channels for crackers an virii writters.

    hackers.com was be a real black hackers site? ( 2 or 3 years ago?)


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    Harsh lesson!
    It's a good idea to form something like Anti-spam underground .... hacking the illegal! ... sounds like legitimate hacking ....

    Spammers Vs. Hackers .... sounds to be good for people ... as hackers are going to be busy hacking spammers .... and spammer busy with protecing their databases ....
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    I notice that it's not exactly front page news is it ............

    Not like when a bank or a hospital [the bad stuff] gets out .........

    this is GOOD news, long may he prosper................
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