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Thread: Guantanamo Bay Military Website Hacked

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    Guantanamo Bay Military Website Hacked

    Yep...and the message left said...


    all muslim's nation condemned all terorist activities
    in everywhere even in londen or america Do you think that all muslims are terrorists? we are for peace...humanity. friendshp,kindness this is wrong.. we all are brothers, Muslims has been more harmed by this kinde of actvities than the other believes Dont you guys see what has been hapenning to muslims in the last 50 years in Israel? Dont u see in iraq how many casualties have muslims pr day? Dont u see the attitude of americans towards muslims in goantanamo?
    Guantanamo Bay Military Website Hacked :: Hack In The Box :: Keeping Knowledge Free

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    I has see the web when it's recently (a minutes) hacked, and the site looks nice (interesting demand text, confuse but interesting.)

    i don't have any againts E.U. but my opinion for the guantanamo military base, is don't be stay in cuba in this moment and no one time.

    best wishes and nice new (semi-old new)

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