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Thread: ISP Domain Name

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    ISP Domain Name

    Could anyone tell me how can i get to know the hostname of my isp if i have the ip address.Cauz i have tried searching a lot of times by entering the ip address but it says no result found on hostname.And do isp servers have static ip addresses.
    please do let me know if this is a valid question or not?

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    umm.. i dont quite understand.

    what exactly are u trying to do?
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    You need to do a Whois search. There are many ways to do this. The easiest I find is to use Sam Spade.

    IPs can be static or rotating. Depends on the provider. I believe most rotate.

    Since this is not to find _your_ ISP, who are ya looking for ? Just curious . . .

    [edit] Just tried the online version. Works fine, but I don't like that nearly as well as the desktop version. [/edit]

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    My favorite is


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    And do isp servers have static ip addresses.
    yes, most servers in general will have a static IP address. The clients however will probably be dynamic (with the exception of those who pay for static, generally a business).

    which hostname are you trying to get? every server will have a different name.
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