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Thread: Unable to access NTFS partitions in Linux

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    Question Unable to access NTFS partitions in Linux

    Hi folks,

    I have a dual OS system running Windows XP and RH Linux 9. XP is installed on NTFS partition and the rest three drives are NTFS too.

    I installed RH Linux 9. I am a newbie in Linux. I am unable to access the NTFS partitions in Linux. Please help me a way out.
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    RHL 9.0 does not natively allow you to access NTFS partitions. Almost all other distros will allow you to access them. I think you need to get a patch or something for NTFS to work. Check this out:


    Hope that helps.
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    Here are some very easy instructions to follow. And you don't really have to recompile your kernel... you just need to install the driver and load the module.



    Keep in mind that every time you upgrade your kernel, you'll have to upgrade this too.
    At least... I have had to. I'm only using it on one box... my laptop.

    All the other boxes I was smart enough to leave a decent sized fat partition to xfer files back and forth from. But... that still doesn't help when the file you want to copy is in use can't can't be copied... *wink* *wink*
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