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Thread: Weird Internet Problem

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    Weird Internet Problem

    Ok, this one has got me befuddled.

    One of our older computers has Internet access, no problem. Surfing works fine. However, I can't download RealPlayer from their site. I can go to real's site, and I can click on the link for the free version, taking me to the free version's page, but then once I click the download, I get a "page cannot be displayed" error. So I've tried:

    (1) Disconnected and reconnected
    (2) Swapped NICs
    (3) Changed physical locations
    (4) Checked IE security settings

    So then I swapped computers with another spare older one we have. The second box does the exact same thing. I can get to Real, just can't get to the download. Can go to any other website.

    Meanwhile, any other computer here, behind the same firewall on the same network can download it without any problem whatsoever.

    So this seems to defy all explanation to me. It should work perfectly. Why in the world will that one page not come up on either of those two computers, in any location, with any NIC, even though any other computer on the same network can pull it up?

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    Hi AK,

    If you have Spybot Search and Destroy immunizing your computer , you are going to run into some problems with Download managers on Internet Explorer.

    Realplayer installer is made up of RealDownload 5 (legacy download manager boght out by Real Networks)

    Spybot protects realtime in the background by blocking these installers and may be too strict.

    If you also use Spyware Blaster , and you have everything in the bad list permanently blacklisted , this will do it for you too.

    If you use them both at the same time , you will find the two programs fighting over eachother trying to protect your machine from harmful active X content which results in a connection refused error.

    While its true to say that you can never not have enough protection , its pretty useless to over - restrict your computer by downloading every known spyware program out there and try to guard your computer from harmful spyware.

    Ad Aware 6.0 and Spyware blaster are adequate along with a effective working virus protection software.
    Can't download RealPlayer? - Installation and Download - Real Support Community

    You're going to have to temporarily disable some of that protection.


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    Actually, I don't have any of those security tools on that particular box. Just CA antivirus.

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    Hi AK,

    Could be a browser issue if you use IE try downloading from Firefox....
    from the same site...

    I just went to mozilla.org, downloaded firefox and then I was FINALLY able to download the RealPlayer. Thanks for the suggestions.... it worked for me!!!! Just spent hours trying to figure this one out and boy was this ever simple.

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