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Thread: Wardriving Redefined ?

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    Wardriving Redefined ?

    Put me in mind of this thread about drive thru wireless (make sure you read far enough along for gore's response . . .). Oh the possibilities !

    Released late last week at the What the Hack computer security conference in Liempde, Netherlands, Car Whisperer is software that tricks the hands-free Bluetooth systems installed in some cars into connecting with a Linux computer.

    Car Whisperer was developed by a group of European wireless security experts, called the Trifinite Group, as a way of illustrating the shortcomings of some Bluetooth systems, said Martin Herfurt, an independent security consultant based in Salzburg, Austria, and a founder of Trifinite.
    The software takes advantage of the fact that many of these hands-free systems require only a very simple four-digit security key--often a number such as 1234 or 0000--in order to grant a device access to the system. Many car manufacturers use the same code for all their Bluetooth systems, making it easy for Car Whisperer to send and receive audio from the car.

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    Now people have an excuse for hearing voices... THIS IS EXITING NEWS!!!!

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