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Thread: Vista A/V Content Protection

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    Vista A/V Content Protection

    New monitors for vista, fresh meat for crackers :

    Highly anticipated next-generation OS "Longhorn" or - after the latest official announcements- "Vista", will feature sophisticated A/V output content protection mechanisms, if not lock down the PC as someone would say, in an effort to comply to entertainment industry demands.
    PVP-OMP: Protected Video Path

    Output Protection Management (PVP-OPM) technology makes sure that the PC?s video outputs have the required protection. The feature affects the operation of graphics cards and their video outputs. According to Microsoft, in case the HD video content is not authorized and copy protected, the outputs will be possibly turned off. In addition, any digital video output from a graphics card (HDMI of DVI) should feature the HDCP protection. Since the DVI output currently does not offer any protection when playing premium content such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD, PVP-OPM will be required to turn off or constrict the quality of unprotected DVI.

    As a result, a regular DVI monitor will either get slightly fuzzy or go black. In case of analogue outputs (ie TV-OUT, YPbPr outputs, S-Video, Composite), they should support Macrovision and CGMS-A protection. The latter will mean a downscaling of the video information (resolution) when an unprotected output such as analog VGA is present.

    Before PVP-OPM the operating system will verify whether a valid graphics subsystem is present (authentication), to avoid sending content to a hacker?s emulation device, which would behave like the graphics chip.

    PVP-UAB: Protected Video Path - Bus Encryption

    This is a second stage of protection. PVP provides encryption of HD content as it passes over the user-accessible PCIe bus to discrete graphics cards. PVP-UAB is designed to protect video samples from unauthorized access as they pass over a user-accessible bus.

    PVP-UAB provides the last internal link in the Longhorn content protection chain, to ensure that the HD video content makes it from the Longhorn Protected Environment to being rendered on the card without a copy of the content being stolen. The PCIe bus involves complex key mechanisms, authentication, and encryption. The decryption will be done by the GPU, if the content is valid.
    CdrInfo July 25 05

    What MS has to say :


    More Chit chat :


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    Their going to encrypt your video?! I can see THIS causing problems for Microsoft somewhere down the line.
    With all the subtlety of an artillery barrage / Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best. .:Bring OS X to x86!:.
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    this will last a whole week until somone cracks it.

    *watches computer install beta of VISTA!*
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    You can just see people phoning the helpdesk because they tried to watch a DVD and the screen went black. Even better if their supplier sold them the screen with Vista because they didnt realise it wouldn't work properly.
    For what was once possible with a plain DVD burner and some free software, will now only be possible with very sophisticated equipment.
    What is to stop me using a copy of Linux and a DVD burner?
    It sounds like trusted computing is slowly entering the marketplace now.
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    I realy need to read in a greater depth on this..

    I just see this as Sony and microsoft Protecting their future markets..

    Sony as one of the largest owners of software (that is the movies)..
    and we all know microshaft..

    My point here is You have a dvd movie.. today.. plays beautifly on any machine PC, DVD whatever..
    In 6 years Sony decides that your movie is one that need to be re-released.. create an instant market by implementing a new standared.. you dvd will not play in your MS PC, then you buy a new u-beaut BlueRay player (that is Backwards compatable with DVD) but your DVD is now one that can not play because it dosent have the correct copyproction code..the PVP-OMP checks fail.. Sony needs to sell you a new copy of that movie..
    The Salesman at wallies world will tell you the disk is faulty.. and you just need to buy this new enhanced version released by SONY..

    Those of us old enough.. basicly threw out our records and tapes and replaced them with CD'd because the CDs were more reliable and were a better audio..
    ANd many have thrown out their VHS tapes for the new DVD's better picture quality etc etc..

    It is 100% Market protection.. rattle MS's door.. but how about the IRA and companies like SONY.. they control the market you live in.. and therefor your buying habits..
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