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Thread: a basic question

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    a basic question

    i wanna know the exact diferences between bus speed,procsesor speed(how is 32 bit processor different from 64 bit one),ram(512 MB or 256 MB) and processor's clock speed(2.0 GHz to 3GHz).
    reply me at my id shaleenpandiya@rediff.com

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    What does this have to with security?

    There is a hardware forum under the General Technology Forums... Please use that for questions such as this.
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    Hi shals,

    reply me at my id
    This may be a stupid question but...why do you want people to e-mail you the answer to your questions?
    When it is easier to just post them? After all...that's what these forms are for...right?

    Just curious because it sounds like a strange request.


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    Why is V8 better than a straight 6?
    2 litre or 5 litre motor capacity?
    why is Fuel injection better than a Carby?
    Is a 60gallon tank better than a 50gallon tank?

    That is your question..


    Do you want to know the differences or the relationship between them
    You failed to put in there Cache size 128kb, 256kb, 512kb, 1Mb etc etc

    How does each affect a pc's overall performance.. can one be comprimised on? and by how much.... I am planning to host the tracking and telemitry data for the next mars mission.. will 1TB of ram be enough or should I also have some harddrive..
    should I have the windows open or closed..
    (My preference is closed.... it is cold here in winter)
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    You want to know the exact differences in bus speed?? We can't tell you that, we don't even know what processors your talking about... Why is more ram better then less ram?? Why is a 3 ghz cpu better then a 2 ghz cpu?? WTF?

    You only legitmate question is why is 64bit cpu's better then 32 bit. Well, here it is in a nutshell: 64 bit cpu's can process 64 bit applications at 64 bit increments, which means the future will hold better more powerful applications and the 64 bit processors will be able to handle the workload they require. However you won't see much of a difference in performance if your processing 32bit applications. They will continue to be processed in 32bit increments...

    So do the math!! Why is 64 bit cpu's better then 32 bit cpu's?? It's not rocket science ...
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    Hello Shaleen and welcome to AO,

    It sounds to me as if you are about to make a purchasing decision, and are somewhat confused by all the sales hype?

    i wanna know the exact diferences between bus speed,procsesor speed
    Please forgive me if I sound patronising, that is not my intention, I just do not know you sufficiently, to know what your understanding is

    The "bus speed" is basically the speed of the motherboard (I will not go into "northbridge" and "southbridge" at this level) This determines the speed of data transfer across the motherboard.

    The speed of the motherboard determines the maximum speed at which you can communicate with a peripheral device, such as your hard drive, CD etc.

    You processor will generally "talk" to your memory at the minimum speed of either of them. So, for example, if your processor is 100Mhz and your memory is 133Mhz, it will be a 100Mhz link.

    RAM also has a speed ..............I am not going to go into up cycles and down cycles at this point. Just believe that if it is SDR it is a half as fast as DDR and that the bigger the number the faster it is.likke PC2700 is not as fast as PC3200.

    The amount of RAM IS IMPORTANT and this depends on your operating system. For example, I would not want less than 512Mb in a Windows XP machine..........I only build them with 1Gb or more.

    As for 32 v 64 bit, well the bigger number is better "in theory" but are you going to be running any applications that understand 64 bit............if not, it will simply revert to 32 bit mode

    Hope that helps

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