A program that checks my system
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Thread: A program that checks my system

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    A program that checks my system

    I'm trying to check my friend's computer to see exactly what programs he has on it and what all his configurations are. I actually have to do this to a few of his computers. Is there a way other than going into Add/Remove software and sorting through the control panel to find out all this information. Is there any software that automatically does this?


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    If those machines have "Windows Machine Instrumentation" enabled on them (Which is most likely with modern Windows systems) then you could write a simple VB-Script that will generate a list of programs for you. I'm not exactly sure about how to do it, but if you google for "WMI+VBS" then you might find some useful stuff.

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    This is one of the most commonly used ones..hope it helpshttp://www.sisoftware.net/
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    For software analysis you might try this:


    It is free for private use
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