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Thread: Exchange language problem

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    Exchange language problem

    Firstly I hope I put this in the right forum... It isn't really an OS problem, but it's not security related either, so if I've put this in the wrong place... well.. sorry.

    Here's the situation...

    After a server crash I've restored everything from tape, however it turned out that the system state backup hadn't been performed properly making it unable for me to restore it.
    As a result I've manually re´nstalled everything using data from tape.

    Even though I've got everything up and running again I'm still left with one problem I'm so far unable to fix.

    The users used to have a Dutch version of Outlook. In stead of Inbox you've got "postvak in", in stead of deleted items you've got "verwijderde items", etc.
    Ever since I restored their mailboxes from tape they have still got the Dutch versions, however next to it are also the English versions of the folders. So they've got BOTH "inbox" and "postvak in".
    Furthermore their old mail is still in the Dutch version of the folder, while the new mail arrives at the English version, making it even more confusing to the users.

    I've been looking in to tools like ExMerge and tried all kinds of settings on the Exchange server, but have been unable to find a solution so far.

    The server is a Windows 2003 server with Exchange 2003.

    The goal is, if possible, to get all users back to using the Dutch folders and removing the English ones.

    Any help would, as ever, be greatly appreciated.

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    ExMerge is definitely not the tool to do this. Exmerge only pulls data out of the subscriber database into a pst or pushes data from a PST into the user mailbox. That is all exmerge does.

    Have you looked at this article? http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;830187

    Language options are not a function of exchange, it is a function of the underlying OS. Individual client languages are controlled by the client. So it may be something that you have to change on the client side. I would recommend deleting the old client profile and create new ones once you make sure that the server language is properly set, and that the client language is properly set.

    Also note this article- http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;251636

    Specifically- "These folders are created by the information store the first time the client logs on. The information store creates these folders with localized names, depending on the client local language. After the folders have been created, you cannot change the display names.

    For example, you create a mailbox on the Exchange 2000 server or on the Exchange 2003 server, and then you log on to the mailbox with an English language client. The default folder display names, such as Inbox, are created in English, and you cannot change them later to a different name in English with Microsoft Outlook. Nor can you change them to the equivalent name in another language by logging on with an Outlook client in another language."

    So if in the restore process you created a new server, recreated the mailboxes, and then used exmerge and the recovery storage group to get the mail back in you cannot get rid of the english language folders. You should have used a machine configured to use dutch language set to recreate the mailboxes. I would imagine that exmerge put the dutch named folders back into the inbox for you.

    Bottom line, I think you need to reinstall, recreate the mailboxes, and exmerge the mail items back into the mailboxes from a dutch language machine.

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    I did in fact try wat is in the first link.
    I restored the mail and noticed later that the regional settings were set to US. I changed this to our own region, however with the information from the second link you gave I reckon it didn't work, because the mailboxes were already created....

    Thanks for your help so far. I'm going to do some tests to see if this theory works out. In that case, should I now create a new user / mailbox it should have the correct settings.

    I'll post the results when I know more...


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