Hi guys/girls,

If you wanna obtain your FREE kit from novell, enter your e-mail to the following website

Then you will be indentified as a new user, click the button to proceed and an order form will be shown. It looks something like below.

Dear Linux Professional,

Novell Customer Communities is pleased to offer the latest edition of its Novell Technical Resource Kit free of charge to qualified IT professionals. With its release of SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 and Open Enterprise Server (OES), Novell continues to demonstrate its commitment to the Linux platform. Here is your opportunity to experience for yourself what the press and analysts are so taken with. This kit contains over 7 GB of licensed and evaluation software. It also contains many other tools and resources that will help you to evaluate and become familiar with the latest technologies from Novell. See for yourself how Novell can help take your systems to the next level of efficiency and security.

Highlights from this Kit include:

* ISO images for Live SUSE™ LINUX Professional 9.3
* VMWare HOT Lab for Novell Open Enterprise Server
* VMWare Hot Lab for Novell Identity Manager on Novell Open Enterprise Server.

To order your free Kit, please fill out and submit the information below. Act now as supplies are limited.


Novell Customer Communities