I happen to be the happy owner of a HP iPaq hx2410 which is using Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. It has build-in bluetooth and WiFi functionality and I've expanded it with a 1 GB SD card and a 2 GB CF card. So I have about 3 GB and a bit more of memory on this system.

But what I would like is to have some webserver software running on this PDA so it would be a webserver. (Yes, a PDA as webserver!) That way, I can manipulate this PDA from my desktop by just simply using a webbrowser. And yes, I could use many other tricks for it too, but I want to use some custom webforms to manipulate data on this PDA. This data would also be accessible from the PDA itself but then through some personally-written tools. (Using Visual Studio.NET, it's quite easy to write Compact Framework applications.)

Of course, I realise that a webserver running on my PDA will eat up a bit of it's memory. Not a real problem, except for the amount of main RAM that it has available. I could write a simple webserver myself, of course. It's just that I don't have the proper tools to do this so I was wondering... Are there any PDA-specific webservers available? For example, is there a PDA version of Apache?

Is it weird to use a PDA as webserver? In my case, not really. I want to view data on my PDA and I want to do this over the network through a webbrowser. That's not a bad idea, is it?

Even if it can only handle static pages, this is not a real problem. My data is stored in XML files and I can generate stylesheets that the browser can use to render the XML to HTML.

Of course, I could also just write my own application with my own TCP/IP protocol on whatever port I like, but the PDA-webserver solution seems such a real nice solution to me, since basically it means ANY computer with a webbrowser will be able to access these pages.