hey,i recently caught some new spyware on my comp and this ones pesky.Ive used :
-Spybot 1.3
-Adaware 1.06 se
-Coolwwwsearch remover
-Hijack This 1.99.1
-looked under msconfig
-didnt find any suspicious registries in regedit cmd

It pops up on my comp two ways.

A dialog box with a red x in that makes a annyoing noise that scares the hell out of me when i listen to music which usually do at a high volume.It said Warning: Firewall has detected surspicious activity.and says do you want to learn how to protect your comp? with yes or no buttons which lead to some spyware bloker site.It has to be spyware because it had like links to car rentals and viagra and stuff.

The other is a popup box in the system tray that says:

Your comp may be at risk ur virus protection is bad spyware activity detected Click balloon to fix this problem.

Any suggestions,advice or links would be greatly appreciated.
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