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Thread: Want Reformed Hack Omaha - Locate Keylog Source

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    PC Acme Keylogger Update

    I know my estranged husband installed PC Acme Keylogger on my computer. For those who responded to my post several days ago, I have great news.

    I didn't completely destroy the program. It's in quarantine in Spy Doctor.

    A computer tech helped me a bit, for the criminal case aganst my eavesdropping husband-not to be. But I could use more, like locating the IP address, etc

    So I am looking for a reformed hacker in Omaha or an agent-type who has the know how and perhaps software to help me track the source with proof.

    Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sus

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    Unfortunately it (typically) isn't a crime to eavesdrop on a peer (even more so a spouse), in fact things like FEMA's (former) Operations TIPS program practically suggested it.

    At best you could report it and hope it falls under your state's anti-stalking laws (if they have any) otherwise, I'll give the same advice to everyone else who has a relationship related computer problem. Let it go. You killed the bug, move on with your life. Every moment you seek vengence is a moment you are not seeking new happiness. etc, etc.



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    IF it is illegal to install non-consented (you didnt agree to it) monitoring software (Spyware) in your state/country.. then It is best to hand the PC over to the appropriate authorities.. otherwise.. you will be involving someone in a definate illegal activity..
    If you find someone silly enough to do what you ask and if it is only to trace an IP.. huh what is so hard about a bloody Whois?.. anything beyond that requires a search warrant.. .. if you get it without ? your in breach of at least a privacy law and perhaps even a Hacking law or 2 yourself..

    Why is it every year we get these same Post-marital, paranoid enquiries? I think its time we update our FAQ or include a MY X, your X forum for just these problems..
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    Catch is giving you good advice here.

    As you have subsequently messed around with the computer without having a secure, legally witnessed clone made of it you have compromised the evidence, such as there may be.

    His lawyer will doubtless say that you installed it maliciously?

    Most IP addresses are dynamic, so that will tell you nothing without the ISP logs, and knowing the exact time that contact was made.

    If it is using e-mail, you can be pretty sure that it won't be his. Probably in a foreign country etc........

    You must also expect the information to be encrypted and password protected.

    I would suggest that pursuing this any further is a waste of time, as I doubt if you will find anything for which a half decent defence lawyer couldn't prove reasonable doubt.

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    Thank you Catch & Nehil for you replies. The info you both posted offers much value.

    Since I rediscovered the keylogger file in quarantine, I had it saved and legally witnessed. And based on other evidence, all fingers point to the culprit in question. So, that is positive. But I seek additional facts, one that my tech guy may have missed.

    If I can't find a CYBER AGENT-TYPE, one that would NOT violate any laws, I will hand over PC to authorities.

    For instance, a private or official cyber cop, per say, could analyze my computer and, it's my impression, there are a lot of files created and saved by the perpetrator, that left more evidence.

    Response to Und3ertak3r: You had me listening and respecting your insight on the privacy issues -----up until you labeled me "paranoid." I can't "let it go" 'cause I am in the middle of litigation, with an individual who is stalking me. I am concerned, definitely. Privacy- was violated.

    As the saying goes, "until you walk in my shoes..."

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    Unless you are very wealthy and have a shed load of money to waist, Catch has given you the best advice, you realy should take it. Proffessianal forensic analises of computers is expensive and is the only analises that would be exepted in a court of law.

    You probably have already tainted any evidence that may be available by having an unqualified "tech"? play with your computer.

    You may or may not be able to involve law enforcement, this being a domestic incident. Your lawyer should be the one to talk to.
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