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Thread: Network problem

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    Network problem

    This isnt really a security question but is still networking
    Having a bit of a problem with one of my worksations. I am running Xp somebody decided to access "network places" and make shourtcuts of our shared information. But she didnt use the shortcut options and just moves the icons out of network places onto the desktop and now there are nowhere to be found and she cant access the our network. ANY IDEAS????
    Should I reinstall the all the workstation agian on her computer???

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    First thing I would try is repair install. Otherwise see if you can reinstall the "network places"

    If that doesn't work then a full reinstall should work.

    You might look in C:\documents and settings\her profile\desktop as that is where I would expect them to be?

    Please let me know what you find, I have not come across this one before

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    Once this is all cleared up, you may want to enable some sort of security/user privs on important files so this sort of nonsense doesn't happen again.

    I havn't used Windows in years, so I wouldn't know how to do this, but i'm sure it is possible.
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    Since I have no idea how you manage the systems, etc., I am curious about one thing:
    What user was the person logged in as when she moved the icons? ( who's desktop preferences were changed ? ) Is it the same account that you are using to search for them?
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