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Thread: Help to find Invisible link

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    Help to find Invisible link

    Well i heard our admission allotments are made and affetced on the website database.
    But we cant access it as the link is not put up yet.Can someone come up with a clean way of getting my allotment.I already tried guessing to o avail.

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    Hi gizmofreak,

    I'm sorry...but I have no clue what you're saying???????

    Can you repeat in english?


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    what do you mean?

    if its there and "invisible" (in white?) it will be in the source in IE view-->page source.

    if its server site its not gonna be there, and I can't think of a cleanish way to recover it.

    You havent been very specific.......... Im not going to neg you, seems like enough people already have. Learn to ask a decent question - we need more specifics.

    I assume this is school or something?


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    But we cant access it as the link is not put up yet
    In a word "no".........................................it sounds as if you have a webserver and a database server. Until a link is placed on the webserver, you will not be able to access the database.

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    perhaps if you cant get to it...they dont want you to get to it?
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