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Ok problem...

here's the setup....

PC 1 (2 NIC cards, 1 connected to DSL , other one to the NIC in 2nd PC)
PC 2 (one NIC card connected to the one in the first PC)

now,my DSL works, but i tried the network setup wizard and when it comes to selecting what hardware to use the new NIC i bought appears as disconnected, same case on the new PC, it says hardware disconnected, cable unplugged....i connected them with a cat 5 cable....
Hey Hey,

The fact that you used Cat 5 is great... but that's just the Category of cable that you're using.... How is the cable wired? The odds are that you're using a Straight Through (Patch) Cable.... To connect two PCs you need a Cross Over Cable.... unless you have cards that autosense... The odds are that your NICs aren't auto sensing.