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    greetings ....

    I just only want to access an Adult Website but is always denied by our Service Provider (Omantel). Anybody please help me with this problem:


    UFS_SMARTFILTER_DENIED { http { http_rsp_403 HTTP_HDR_NOCACHE } content {

    } } ;
    FILTER_DENIED { http { http_rsp_403 HTTP_HDR_NOCACHE } content {

    } }

    For assistance, contact your network support team.

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    There is a reason why the content has been filtered. It seems from Googling, Omantel and UAE restrict offensive material. Could it be because of the laws in that country? I would check them out before trying to go around it.
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    Perhaps you might like to read this:


    I really dont see a lot wrong with Oman's Internet Usage policy other than the lack of castration/decapitation etc for slightly less trivial offences!

    Basically, if you are dealing with a monopolistic supplier, as you are, it would NOT be a good idea to p1$$ them off?

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    Thanks Nihil...
    Thanks Donkey Punch...

    Is there any way to by-pass this filtering of content? am just curious how the others can still open the restricted adult website....

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    No Undies proxy would be very dangerous in his situation...............I don't think they are ready to give me any "week-end" work yet, but he would almost certainly lose his internet connections and become unemployable.

    Oman is very small, and has relatively few internet connectors, and has a state monopoly ISP..........you would only get caught once. And what about his mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces?............hey you know what people think about bad stuff "running in families".......................there is a time to put selfish considerations aside.

    Now, the real answer to this IMHO, is to go back to how these small states operated before they had their own internet? You used to open an account with an international ISP and dial them up long distance from your computer. OK this was fairly expensive, but if you really want it you will pay?

    Then you have not violated the rules, unless you are into seriously bad stuff like terrorism, kiddie porn and drugs?

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    Looks like the guy got banned on another thread. Oh well, no real solution anyway.

    I don't know about Oman but here's what the Tor FAQ says about China. This is his best bet bet short of Nihil's suggestion, but still not recommended.

    The "China problem" is the extreme example of an anonymity and anti-censorship system: a global active adversary with a lot of manpower and money, and severe penalties to discourage people from trying.

    We're not working on this problem right now; we have our hands full as it is, and I'm also not convinced that we understand the problem correctly or have a good handle on the requirements.

    In any case, Tor might be part of a solution. Here we enumerate four problems that must be overcome to beat the government firewall problem:

    We need a set of exit nodes on the free side, who will connect to arbitrary places. Tor is achieving this.

    We need a set of entry nodes on the free side. it needs to be tens of thousands, not just a few hundred. Tor is achieving this too: imagine one day down the road the Tor client GUI has a little "help China" button in the corner, which causes the clients to relay a few kilobytes per second for others.

    We need a mechanism for telling dissidents about client IPs without letting The Adversary enumerate client ips. Hard problem; good luck.

    We need a mechanism by which Tor traffic can be unobservable: that is, you need to be able to watch somebody and still not realize he's sending or receiving Tor traffic. Hard problem; good luck.

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