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Thread: Favorite Sport and Why !

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    Favorite Sport and Why !

    HOCKEY !!!

    1. fast paced
    2. combination sport involving boxing, football tackling ( checks ), etc...
    3. best sport to watch live...( for T.V. we need to steal some of those football tricks )

    No doubt the Best game ever invented !


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    Long Distance Cycling (think RAAM not Tour de France)

    1. Requires true stamina, strength and endurance
    2. Get to see the country-side touring
    3. Not for wusses...
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    X-Games...skateboarding, snowboarding...

    Requiers skill to do tricks....fast...lot of accidents
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    Football ( not American), also not called Soccer.

    We do not have a Soccer Association, we have a Football Association, FA
    In Scotland we do not have a Scottish Soccer Association , we have a Scottish Football Associaton, SFA

    Pitched battles,police horse charges, yellow cards, red cards, punch up's, fans attacking players, players attacking fans, fans attacking fans, oh happy days


    And of course in Scotland the Old Firm, the new season has begun
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    Pitched battles,police horse charges, yellow cards, red cards, punch up's, fans attacking players, players attacking fans, fans attacking fans, oh happy days
    Can't top that too easily! A lot of Team Sport going on in that!

    I must say as an individual sport, I have been surfing long board and short board since the late 1960's. Been fortunate to surf just about everywhere on the West Coast, lived in Hawaii, and now on the East Coast. Although the waves are small right now, with all the offshore tropical storms and hurricanes, it tends to build mountains, so bring it!

    Got to have cahonnees for this one

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    1. I'm built for it
    2. Not for wusses by any stretch of the imagination
    3. Lets me get in touch with my feminin side? I dono :P

    Can't play much any more, ****ed up my shoulders ;( but still love the game.
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    Hey Hey,

    Hockey (Before the Americans Ruined It (btw this is where a lot of my American Hatred stems from)..


    1) It's fast paced and full of action (until you could be charged with assault for hitting a player at least... thank god for the CHL still)

    2) It's a true test of teamwork... In football you get the ball and run.. 2 people do the work one to throw and one to catch.. Very seldom will a hockey player take the puck on his own the length of the ice and still score.

    3) It's not baseball

    Americans took the violence out of hockey (I've been to below minor league games here that are more violent than NHL games)... Americans tried adding a blue dot because black on white wasn't enough of a contrast (Let's not forget blue/red lines to indicate the type of shot... morons).. Guys getting criminal records because of high sticking calls and **** like that.. it's not right...

    Anyways.. at least no one said baseball yet.. it has to be the most boring useless sport ever created.

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    Hockey by far is the best sports to watch, football is alright to...

    I used to play hockey for 7 years and I always led my team in penalty box minutes lol... I was very aggressive and always got into fights, most of them I started lol... But I also always led my team in goals... Hockey has been in my family for a loooong time, because my whole dads side of the family is from michigan. I was really good and on 2 travel teams at once, but then I got burnt out and kind of quit which made my dad really angry... oh well, can't make everyone happy...
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    No doubt the Best game ever invented !
    That is the funniest thing that I've ever read ....

    Hockey (Before the Americans Ruined It (btw this is where a lot of my American Hatred stems from)..
    Umm actually if you go to the states you'll see how much americans care for hockey ... sarcasm ...

    Me I personally love football ( not american and please dont call it soccer ) ...

    Tell me what other sport is more popular then football ??? Played by just about every country ...
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    Hi Agent_Steal,


    In 1917 the NHL was formed with the Original Four teams...two from Montreal, and Ottawa, and Vancouver...

    HickokSports.com - History - NHL 1917-18 Season


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