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Thread: War Death Trojan

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    War Death Trojan

    A new Trojan is spreading in an email purporting to be an alert about a major loss of life in Iraq.

    The emails were first detected last night and claim to contain a report from The Guardian on the death of 140 US Marines. The email contains a link to the 'full story' but leads users to a bogus web page with two Trojans built in.

    The Cgab-A and Borodr-Fam Trojans can be downloaded through an improperly patched version of Internet Explorer.
    WinXPcentral - Trojan poses as war death notice


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    dont people have any thing better to do than to try to spread trojans ans viruses by using the death of others or in this case the false death of a 140 people.

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    No. See this link just posted by Egal. No doubt the same sort of people.

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