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Thread: a basic question

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    a basic question

    how can we know what is our video card memory and where to find it.also how can we increase our cache memory where it is located.

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    As far as video card memory,

    You should be able to find out what that is (windows)

    device manager, video/sound controller properties.

    To increase cache using Firefox, go to Tools, Options, Privacy, then click the plus sign by Cache and increase the space.

    For Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, General tab, Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files and increase cache here.

    I'm not too sure about the video memory part, though.
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    Re: a basic question

    Originally posted here by shals
    how can we know what is our video card memory and where to find it.
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    Shals , stop messing around.............go here:


    then here:


    And read the damn instructions first!

    Oh, and the way to adjust video cache is via your BIOS, if it has that option.

    And many thanks for all the information on your hardware and software.............who told you that I was psychic?

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    Hi shals,

    I certainly hope you don't intend to start every thread you make with the title...

    a basic question

    you've been a member for almost 5 months...you should know better than to waste people's time...with useless threads that contain no information...and rehashed/overused and far too general thread titles.

    After you've been here a couple of months...and you've been here for almost 5 months...you're expected to know at least the fundamentals of how to properly post.


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