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Thread: Default shares

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    Default shares

    Is there any way to disable the default shares on an XP/2000 machine (IPC$, C$, Admin$) permently or is this something that you dont want to do? Would doing this improve security on the machine?
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    Those default shares are for administrative purposes. To my knowldge you can't remove those share.

    don't know if will increase your security, but to try to access those default shares, you will need username and password. you must make your that you have strong passwords, and to increase your security, change the administrator login.

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    I would not worry about it, but you could just turn of the "Server" service in XP/2000 to kill the share. You will of course kill off all of the shares on that box, and it may have other side effect.

    Edit: Here is a less drastic way:


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