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Thread: Silicon Graphics?

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    Silicon Graphics?

    What's this...???

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    I feel lucky...


    Wasn't that hard ?

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    Dude, you're one line threads make no frikkin sense whatsoever. wtf are you talking about ?

    God you pissed me off more with your threads the last two days then most users their whole time here on AO.
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    This is the last set of chicken entrails I shall examine this year................either read the bloody instructions and start posting properly or I shall neg you off this site by myself, if needs be.

    "What is this"................well it might help if you quoted the context in which you encountered it? Then we might just about work out the question and be able to provide an answer?

    Si is the element silicon which is used in the manufacture of computer chips..............."the entrails" lead me to suspect that you might be referring to "SiS" or "S3" which are corporate bodies that produce graphics cards/chipsets? they may even be the same outfit, I cannot remember.

    There are things called "search engines" Google is an example, but there are loads of others.

    Just type in "Silicon Graphics", with the inverted commas and hit enter.....................

    This may not work for you but it provides 1,970,000 answers:


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    Jeckgo: If you'd like to continue posting at AO without the negative feedback, I suggest you read the FAQ and some of the forum sticky's (I suggest all of them). Just trying to help you out
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    He's an old troll. Tigers favorite if I am not mistaken.

    I actually workd on high end Silicon Graphics workstations while in England. Damn I just fed the little bastard.
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