Yep !...Korea's Cyworld is going to hit the U.S. in 2006...

Users get their own page, a virtual living room called a minihompy where they can create diaries, publish images, network, host legal background music and more.

Members personalize their minihompy with virtual objects they purchase from Cyworld, and enhance it with up to 10 tracks of background music they can buy and play for visitors. Universal Music International sells 100,000 tracks a day though Cyworld, according to Adam White, Universal's vice president of communications.

Basic services are free, but Cyworld's online stores accounted for 80 percent of Cyworld's $54 million revenue in 2004, selling such digital goods as virtual furniture, page backgrounds and avatars.

Like Friendster, Cyworld lets users create networks based on degrees of closeness. But Cyworld is Friendster-plus. As well as websites and blogs, Cyworld has its own version of the popular game The Sims. It also gives users unlimited image hosting, the ability to update pages by mobile phone and special-interest bulletin boards.

The service has its own currency called dotoris (acorns) and its own slang and social obligations.

It is highly addictive. Many users call themselves "Cyholics," spending hours every day in Cyworld -- enough user time to produce 3.8 billion page impressions a week.,...tml?tw=rss.TOP
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