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Thread: I have NOD32 and ZoneAlarm. What else do I need?

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    I've had problems with ZA as well but I still think it's a reasonable product (for free) and easy to use for most users. It's also one of the easiest to find help for just because it is so popular.
    So 'Fine' here would be not bad/ok/reasonable rather then 'very high grade'.

    It has problems with Avast which is another product I often recommend but Avast recognises ZA and presents a solution. I've used the two togethner for a couple of years with few problems.

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    ZoneAlarm is a good firewall but do not get the free version; if you want to keep safe, it always pays to get the best version. For example the Suite package version is to me the best firewall out there for home users.
    Also for the spyware I will say the counterspy it kick ass on all other spyware programs.
    The best thing to do in which I like to do is to install more than one firewall, spyware, antivirus programs on my computer. I know it will slow your computer down, but you will like the protection. Also you will learn a lot how firewalls and spywares work.

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    Install more than one AV program, more than one software firewall on your machine?


    Multiple AV programs on a single machine will conflict and if you want layers of firewalls you should have a personal firewall on your PC and a hardware firewall between the pc and the net. Multiple antispyware yes, but they should provide complimentary coverage such as spyware blaster and MS antispyware (which is based on the same 'Giant' antispyware technology as Counterspy).

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