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Thread: Scanning mail

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    Scanning mail


    I'm just deriving an idea in my head - probably already done loads anyway but I would like to try and set something like this up by myself.

    Please have a look at the attached picture or this message is unlikely to make any sense.

    edit: on a linux box

    So I download mail into account 1 and I know I can redirect it to account 2 by useing the sendmail.cf or aliases files or something like that - but I was woundering if account 1 wanted to look at all the mail automatically by means of a script to automatically find elements within that message and then choose to deliver or not deliever to account 2

    Whats a simple way to intercept the messages? and how can you automatically log in an account on *nix on boot up without intervention so that another user can log in over the top of this?



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    Since you are on a linux box, procmail is the tool to look at, in my opinion.
    I use it for a variety of purposes, so just ask if you have further questions.
    Be aware of privacy concerns, however and check the Service Level Agreements[1].

    The idea is to .forward the mail to procmail via
    "|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/local/bin/procmail || exit 75 #your_user_name"
    Although there are several tutorials, this one[2] seems quite appropriate.


    [1] http://www.service-level-agreement.net/
    [2] http://pegasus.rutgers.edu/~elflord/unix/procmail.html
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    Its alrite about the privacy issues its just a personnal project on my own computer at that moment in my test network.

    I'll have a read into procmail, I'd seen it mentioned before and it seems like a powerful tool


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