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Thread: ZA says MSN/RealPlayer logging keystrokes?

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    ZA says MSN/RealPlayer logging keystrokes?

    A forum I browse occasionally had a thread relating to a user updating MSN and the firewall(Zone Alarm Pro) alerting them to the fact that MSN was 'monitoring their keystrokes and mouse movements'.A quick google search brings up the following thread:

    So,apparently...ZA says RealPlayer logs keystrokes too?What gives?False positives?Short on time atm,more if I can find anything on this later.


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    Well, you need to make sure the realplay.exe file isn't infected...Win32.Bugbear.B (and it's many variants) is known to target RealPlayer and other applications, and it does indeed have a keylogging function.

    I haven't looked into the MSN angle yet, but I'd bet money it has similar known problems.

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