I have this one guy outside the office that cannot get his mail via pop 3.
I have visited this site and attempted to setup a pop3 profile myself.
When I test the account, it says that it could not logon to the smtp server.

I have two other users that have POP3 outside the office. However, they do not use their email within the office as this guy does. He has a PC at his office at work and one at home. The one at the office uses a Microsoft Exchange Connection and the laptop should be using a POP3 connection.

The only other difference is that this guy uses an email address that is different from his network logon. i.e. John@domain.com and Domain\Doej. The other users use the same email addy as it appears in their logon.

I have changed his primary smtp to match his user logon and that does not work.

It is a very weird problem. I would like to delete his account and add it back, but I fear losing his Exchange mailbox. He has over 2000 contacts and uses his calendar and tasks, both of which are fully booked. All this info is synched with a Palm, so I'd really be messing him up if I fubared it just trying something. This is really making me look like an idiot. Can anyone help me to look less stupid?