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Thread: IT question

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    IT question

    Does anyone know if the Information Security Certificate would be a good IT job to get into?is the cisco and the linux+ good one to get right now?

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    Ah come on whiteghost :

    details ..........

    What are YOUR hopes / aspirations ?
    How long before you enter job market ?

    jeez.......... 29 words AND you edited ..........

    What are your strengths ?
    What are your weaknesses ?
    Where do you see yourself in ten years time ?

    We don't need all or any of THESE answers, BUT just try and add SOME

    luck to you anyway

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    jeez.......... 29 words AND you edited ........
    geeze, you actually counted.....wowwwwww.....
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    anything that will show your would be employer your ability to comprehend and acheive is a good thing to have especially if your lacking in real world experiance.
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    Actually 30 if you count information technology.
    I donn't see him saying Information Technology anywhere, and IT doesn't count as two words. it's an acronym not a word.

    Maybe some day you can learn how to do it too.
    Maybe....for now, it's still a dream of mine.
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    Well i try to think what classes i should take.I was think of getting in computer Security .

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    Well then,

    CISSP is good.
    Depending on your level of interest, CEH (certified ethical hacker) might work.
    NSID for network security
    ICAP offers certs for internet crimes

    There are tons, CISSP is a good one in general, tho.

    All of them come with their own set of coursework, so look and see what nearby schools offer.
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    CISSP is very difficult to get. Check out the requirements...


    I'll give you a brief idea of the track I'm on. You don't have to do it like I do though.

    I've just completed an Associates Degree in Computer Network Engineering.

    I'm going to take the Network+ and Security+ certs before I start my BS degree.
    (hope to do it within a month or two)

    Then I'm going for a Computer and Network Security Bachelors Degree.

    Here is info about the program:

    Here is the course outline:

    When I get done with that, I should be pushing about 7 or 8 years of real world experience in the IT field. I'm hoping that it will be enough to land a good security job. I've been trying to keep good ties with several people in the field too. Its always good to have great references.
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    Thanks for the ideas

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    Originally posted here by Kthln01
    Well then,

    CISSP is good.
    There are tons, CISSP is a good one in general, tho.

    Earning a CISSP certification first requires 4 years of security related business experience, or 3 years of experience plus a college degree or 2 years plus a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Information Security. There is also an Associate of the ISC2 Certification which certifies that the recipient has passed the test but has not yet gained the degree or time requirement for full CISSP certification.

    1- https://www.isc2.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi
    2- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CISSP

    As you can infer, CISSP is not for anyone .... it is not a commercial cert. ... you have a lot of requirments to meet ....

    For a newbie .... in the secuirty field {In case you are not taking any academic course} .... you can start with the Network+, MCSE and linux+ ... then turn to Security+ .... after that you will be in a dire need for a good job experience in order to apply what you have learend ....

    Acadimic studies are really indispensable, espcially in the secuirty field .... Phishy has given a great link for a great secuirty curriculum .....
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