This is interesting...

for the past few weeks, I've been troubled by a small glitch in my sidebar's performance.Every time I drag a file over the sidebar, allow it to open, and place the file within that directory, the sidebar link breaks. The only way I can get my sidebar working again is to create new sidebar links. I tried everything to fix it, from creating a new library, to creating a new user. finally, I reinstalled my os. The problem did not go away. I spent hours with apple, who claimed they had no prior incidents involving my glitch.

Just this evening, I tried turning off filevault, and to my surprise, the glitch disappeared!

A related problem seems to have occured with the web sharing option. While filevault is on, any attempt to access your web folder is foiled by an error message.Without filevault, everything works fine.

Does anyone else experience these problems?

(At any rate, I'm more than happy to live with these two glitches, since filevault is an incredible feature.)