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Thread: Use of soft skills to succeed: Popularity

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    Use of soft skills to succeed: Popularity

    Hello all,

    Here is some help from CNN and CareerBuilder on how to succeed in business through, no big surprise coming next, popularity . Some of us try to succeed by our l33t sk1llz, while others may bullstein. As it turns out, popularity can play a role in succeeding in the *gasp* business world. Here take a read:


    Some to many of us may believe we should be measured on what we know and what we can do, and in the case of the cause of this site, how well we protect our organization's assets - however, it appears we have to get along with people now too. I'm sure most of you know that having witnessed the 'IT Bubble' burst and finding out that having the know-how alone won't cut it. There was one on appearances took, and that affecting your paycheck, that CNN had and I will add to this message if I find. Or if someone else does, please post it.

    I guess I have to ask "Is this right?" Knowing full well the answer: "No - but that's how it is. Live with it or STF up and do something else."
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    It may not be right but the way things are now adays its not just what you know but how you are preceived that bring in the larger paychecks. For example a few months back ABCs program 20/20 did a show on this they had a group of people go in for job interviews. All had similar job skills the biggest difference was half were goodlooking who had job skills that were not as up to date where as the other half who had kept their skills updated but were not as "pretty" Guess which ones were offered the jobs and when the bosses were asked why they choose the pretty ones they said that because they looked good they created the illusion of success and in business the illusion created is more important then being able to do the work. Go figure.
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