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Thread: Licencing Fees for XBox 360

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    Licencing Fees for XBox 360

    Manufacturers seeking to release peripherals for the Xbox 360 will have to pay royalties to Microsoft on each unit sold, with a new security system on the console preventing the connection of unlicensed devices.

    As a result, only Microsoft-authorised joypads, steering wheels and other such devices will be released, according to a abridged version of a new contract between the software giant and peripheral maker Mad Catz which was released as part of a Mad Catz financial filiing this week.
    GamesIndustry.biz - Microsoft plans to charge license fee for Xbox 360 peripherals

    Note from Microsoft : Errrr...sorry, but we don't already sqeeeze enough money out of you...we need more...

    More !!!!!!

    More !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bleh, it will be exactly the same as the current XBox, staying afloat by the skin of its teeth.
    PSx, (or PS 3) will blow it out of the water.
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