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Thread: I'm REALLY SORRY...but this is FUNNY !

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    I'm REALLY SORRY...but this is FUNNY !

    Hurry up and order your bottle of Liquid A@@ for the Office...the boss will appreciate it

    Liquid Ass Storefront

    I can think of soooo many places I could use this ! ROFLMAO !!!

    Anybody remember making stink pens?

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    Liquid Assets Novelties, LLC. In business since 2005, our mission is to make the world a stinkier place.
    Hmmm....which one (actually, I can think of two) of our AO members might be running this business???

    P.S. What are are you sorry about, Egal?

    Go Finland!
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    Hi mathgirl32,

    Well...it might be considered somewhat gross to our more sensitive members...but being someone who used to love to prank I like this kinda stuff...brings back memories

    And I agree...but which member


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    OMG, i used to hate stink bombs in school.

    They smell so bad that they change your attitude!!
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    Nice one EG~

    I have a container of fish attractant just like that. One bottle contains the essence of 10,000 decomposing earthworms. Now that stuff smells seriously horrendous, but fish can detect it at concentrations of 1 part in 100,000,000.....................I don't think humans need quite so much............I took some through customs once in my hand baggage, the customs/security guy asked what it was and I told him. He unscrewed it and took a sniff............I doubt if I shall ever forget the look on his face!

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    I had a microbiology lab once where we had to examine decomposing food.
    Turned out the fridges were broken and the food had gone off more than they intended.

    The whole lab reeked of rotton chicken and sour milk. Then some of the students started to throw up and the smell of that spread round and more people puked. It was like a horror movie.
    About a quarter of the 80 students chucked and the rest of us were close to it.

    If you could bottle that smell you'd clear a building no problem.

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    from Eg :
    And I agree...but which member
    you, of course, meant to say, which OTHER member could it be
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