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Thread: Watch CNet spit in google's face

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    Unhappy Watch CNet spit in google's face

    Ha ha, I thought this was kinda funny for an 'apology'


    I wonder what google will say
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    It's wrong. Don't do it. Google says so.
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    You can just feel the sarcasm dripping off the screen and onto the desk. They laid it on THICK.


    Just think about how much info they have on YOU!

    Gmail.... where they make it a pain to delete your mail and enourage you not to....

    Google Personal Homepage customized to your liking.... Not to mention that there is nothing to stop them from logging everything that you search for. Aren't they going to come out with a "service" like that anyway?

    Google Earth and what areas of the world you've been looking at. I'd bet that the FIRST place you tried to look up after installing that software was your own house.

    Google Maps- They know where you're going after work... and which route you're taking.

    Google Local- They know where you went to lunch today....

    The list goes on and on and on.

    That is if you USE their services. But, the services are so good its an inconvenience NOT to use them.
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