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Thread: Not good news for our friends down under: apparently they're targets too

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    Not good news for our friends down under: apparently they're targets too

    " Australians 'turned to al-Qaeda' "

    Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has warned that "a small number" of Australians have joined al-Qaeda.

    He was speaking about a videotaped message broadcast this week in which a man with an Australian accent threatened attacks against the West.

    Australian papers have identified the man, who was dressed in combat gear, as former soldier Matthew Stewart.
    BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Australians 'turned to al-Qaeda'


    " Cleric Bakri barred from Britain "

    Radical Islamic preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed has been excluded from the UK.

    The Home Office said Home Secretary Charles Clarke used existing powers to exclude Mr Mohammed as his presence was "not conducive to the public good".
    BBC NEWS | UK | Cleric Bakri barred from Britain

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    Cleric Bakri barred from Britain
    Yeah, they've tossed his sorry ass back to Jordan, and the civil rights [flip]shitheads[/flip] are having knipptions 'cos Jordan is a state known to torture those under arrest :

    BUT :

    They PROMISED not to this time

    personally, I'd have preferred it if WE had tossed his fat saggy butt into the can and forgot about him for a century or two...................
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    man! am i impressed with the UK for doing this. i was beginning to think they were just going to let these arse-holes live off the fat of the land and cause trouble. especially Omar Bakri Mohammed who should have never been allowed to waste good air.

    al-quida can be found every where there are muslims. one of their objectives is to turn non-muslims against the local musim population (wherever that may be) so they like to announce this fact. they do want to make this a complete global conflict and that will take the support of the general muslim population in non-arab nations. being hated just because you are muslim could sure accomplish this.
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