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Thread: Gopherspace:old and boring,or old and cool?

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    Gopherspace:old and boring,or old and cool?

    I recently joined up with sdf.freeshell.org, and started exploring the interesting world of shell accounts.With my account came my own gopherspace.I've turned it into a journal/storage space, and I kind of like it.It is very refreshing to be able to read informational texts without ads assaulting my browser at every turn, and to be honest, I find older stuff very interesting(I have a pretty awesome record collection,my father's friends keep telling me what they "did" while listening to my records). So is gopherspace a relic, or could it, at least theoretically, serve a use to the global community?
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    it's direct, to the point with no frills...definitly not a part of todays internet. i mean what good is having all this bandwidth if there's no flash advertisments to eat it up. what would you want quicker downloads for anyway. you got something better to do with the time?
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